Lohan Spies

Lohan has deep experience with Self-Sovereign Identity(SSI) and the deployment of this emerging technology in the African context and other low resource environments including implementations using SMS. He was one of the earliest entrepreneurs in Africa building solutions using the Trust over IP stack, on the world’s first-ever public utility for SSI, the Sovrin Main Net. As a serial entrepreneur and self-sovereign identity thought leader, he continues to find motivation in building start-ups that leverage exponential technology and decentralized trust networks with the vision of achieving the identity for all. He is an ex-officio Sovrin Foundation Board member and trustee, chair of the Sovrin Steward Council, and actively involved in various initiatives to further the adoption of self-sovereign identity in South Africa and Africa such as South African Financial Blockchain Consortium (SAFBC), South African National Blockchain Alliance (SANBA), World Economic Forum Digital Identity Coalition, BankservAfrica Digital Identity project (IAMZA), decentralized Identity Foundation, Trust over IP Foundation and a frequent speaker on self-sovereign identity.

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